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Stumptown Matt:
This is a post from the oade board from a Zaxcom employee
                                             -Matt M
Michel Falcon sent me an email about this so I figgered I would post
a reply here as well:

The Deva 3,4,5 are for Movie, TV and high-end music markets and range
from $8k to $15k. There is a cheaper Deva planned which will range
from $2k to $4k depending on features. The cheap Devas will be a
stripped-down repackaging of the high-end Devas.

The high-end Devas are our highest priority since that's like money
in the bank (since all of our competitors have each made some
critical design mistakes). Once we start selling the Deva 3,4,5 (we
will start selling before all the features are available for it -
maybe in September) we will start concentrating on the low-end
Devas. We were planning on designing the low-end Deva concurrent
with the Deva345 but we decided that's not feasible with the limited
number of engineers that we have, so the scheduled release for the
low-end Devas has been pushed out to the 1st quarter of 2004.

An interesting side note, to reduce the amount of time needed to
convert the high-end Devas into low-end Devas we are using the same
processor configuration found in the high-end Devas which is an 1800
MIPS floating point DSP. So the low-end Devas will have gobs of
processing power.

I am still accepting feature suggestions for the low-end Devas by the


thanks matt, most of the info I get is from mr falcon, and if have feature suggestions email howy at

I dont believe this is something they are putting on the back burner, yet something they are building for us, tapers as he says, start saving, this should be a great product


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