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Zaxcom Hard Disk Recorder

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I think the guy that was on the oade board said that they are going to try to get this thing as close to $2000 as possible. That is expensive, but if you can burn to HD and DVD at the same time it just might be worth it.

yes I believe the price is going to fall just under the 2k price target, atleast that's what I am hearing

Brian Skalinder:
I don't see much use for simultaneous HD and DVD recording for my applications, but can't wait for a portable (and hopefully really small) HD recorder to show up at a reasonable price.

Nick's Picks:
I’m sure most of us have seen these.
I heard rumors of a model under $2k, but I poked around and the suggested retail for the least expensive model will be $8k+.   specs of the individual models, including suggeted retail.

after further research it looks like the unit we are waiting on is not one of these units but one to be released in 1Q04, which kinda sucks, but will incorporate many of the features you see in the other deva products, should be a nice unit



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