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Newb question: Recording hours per gigabyte?

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Need to estimate how many hours of recording I can fit on 128GB card, perhaps I'd buy more than 1.

I will be travelling in remote areas without laptop for weeks. 
There's nightly power for recharging but definitely no upload suitable internet.
I am recording from two microphones (stereo) on tascam dr-100 mk3, no duplicate/backup tracks.

File size is dependent on Frequency and Bit rate of the recording.

Wav files at 48Khz at 24 bits work out nicely to 1 GB per hour of material. At 96Khz that gives you .5 GB per hour.

I'm a fan of not all your eggs in one basket. Get a handful of smaller cards and a 128GB usb stick, then backup to USB when you find a cafe with computer.

There is a helpful calculator on the Sound Devices website...

There is a chart in your rigs manual when I checked on line. I have my rig set to count down time. On a 16 GB card formated in my rig I have 07:43:05 and the calculator 08:05:27 both at 24/96. My manual says around 7:28.
I go by the timer.

You need to use the actual usable space available on the card for your calcs, not the nominal card capacity.
Once formatted, a 16GB card provides right around 15GB of usable space (close but not exactly).
If you plug 15GB x 2 channels @ 24/96 into the SD calculator it will spit out 7:35:06.

Likewise, a 32GB card yields about 30GB of usable space.


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