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DAT question???

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Stumptown Matt:
They don't make the D100 anymore.  You can find them new in box on Ebay sometimes.  I'd say go with an M1 if your buying new.  The D8 is more robust but they are more power hungry and the on board AD converter is not as good as the M1/D100.

Until the portable HDs come way down in price, there is nothing wrong with DAT recording.  They are a trusted technology!  The M1 that Scott recommended is a great unit.  I have had mine since 98 and not a problem!  
It is one of the few still in production and is in the $500-700 price range depending where you look.  It has a great AD converter in it as well.  Considered the Pro dat unit by Sony.  It is SCMS defeatable which is nice b/c you can clone clones!  The D8 has SCMS, so copying tapes that way can be difficult
The Tascam DA-p1 is also being produced, but is around double the price.  It has full size heads vs the 1/2 size that the M1 has.  Hope this helps

so i did it got me a used D8

you can get the d100 in europe (germany, 2 years warranty)


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