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Taping with MP3 Nomad Jukebox

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who has done it?  

and is it any good

do women dig it?

My roomate has one and he gets mad chics! ;D


sounds like a real stud, how can I meet this Nomad God?

IMO the Nomad is a step in the next direction of live recording, but it still needs help.  I believe on the newer model, it now has digi in.  The only way to transfer the digital signal is through USB.  USB is still not the best transfer medium.  There's talk of a fireware conection, and firware is much better than USB.  The compression is worse than MD, and I believe it saves a MP3.  I think that it does also save the audio as microsoft wav file.  Not as good as a pure wav file, but better than MP3.  Keep watching, because the advancments in the field are growing faster and faster.  It appears that DAT is on the way out, but that is years to come still.

Okay, has anyone cecked out the new Jukebox 3?  It appears that the only it doesn't have compaired to DAT is the 24bit.  It has monitors for both stereo channels, and digi/analog I/O.  Has anyone used one of these?


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