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Eneloop Pro's, 2 years later

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After 2 years and around 100 shows, got curious about how my eneloops are doing. Seemed fine in use, but thought it might be good to test them.

Bought a Powerex charger and ran the coniditioning cycle. 7 of 8 batteries show more than the spec'd 2450 mAh capacity, the 8th 2425.

Been pretty careful to treat them well, super pleased with how they're doing.

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i love my powerex charger. great for rooting out the ‘bad apples’

Tested 8 year old eneloops, non-pro. 100s of shows and they're all still at or above rating. Crazy.

Len Moskowitz (Core Sound):
Anyone do a similar test on the Ikea Ladda 2450s?


--- Quote from: Len Moskowitz (Core Sound) on December 29, 2019, 09:12:10 PM ---Anyone do a similar test on the Ikea Ladda 2450s?

--- End quote ---

funny you mention that, i have a dozen of those and was going to to test them vs the powerex pro and powerex LSD, just brought my powerex charger home to do it

all were bought within months of each other and are similar in cycle life, ~10  cycles or less per set

i will be using a Powerex MH-C9000 in "Refresh and Analyze" mode with charge and discharge rates of 1000 mA. if i find any weakilings i will attempt to use the "break-in" mode (which takes 2 days(!) to complete) to restore their capacity.

these numbers will be a little lower than rated capacity as i am discharging closer to 0.4C as opposed to 0.2C, which drops the loaded  voltage to the 0.9V cutoff sooner

first results:
Powerex precharged 2600 mAh* (
2489 2479 2440 2487 2489 2497 2503 2391

Powerex pro 2700 mAh (
2504 2506 2508 2509 2533 2541 2538 2520

Ikea Ladda 2450 mAh** (
2451 2466 2454 2452 2482 2494 2438 2446

*not a huge fan of these as they are dimensionally slightly larger and tight going in and out of sleds and chargers
**impressively underspec'd - seem that they would be ~2650 by powerex standards


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