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Remote power for Sonosax sx-m2d2

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Big Perm:
So, I just ordered one of these last night and they are shipping out today. The 18650 option to power is very attractive, but 3hrs is not going to cut it. I know I can swamp at set break or between bands etc, but Im wondering about just running a small external battery and not worrying about anything. Anybody got some experience with this pre that can chime in?

old and in the way:
i use the hirose connection and a naztech 15000 or my omni charge battery. you can also power this using the usbc  connection . A usbc battery connection and a usbc to usbc cable will work as well . The device comes with a usbc to usba cable and that should work as well . There are no other cables that come with it so you will have to make or source them .Ted here on T.S can make them for you . love this box . i have used it with an iphone and also line in to my zoom f8n also aes into my old sd 744t . all outstanding . Have fun and stay safe hopefully we can get back to spreading the love around again.

Big Perm:
Thank you sir! Ted is making a bunch of cables for me for this pre, I will as one of these took the list! I have several Naztech batteries. I would imagine they will run this thing forever

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Big Perm:

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