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How Long will this Talentcell power my Lunatec V3 6 volt

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thanks Ted!    :coolguy:

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it'll last a while. but the v3 will get hot as hell running off a 12v battery

The Talentcells we use have 12v and 9v outputs. We've been using the 9v to the V2's and they run cooler than using the 12v.
ALso, the 11,000mAH one would charge a v2 almost 24 hours I would bet. We've run that combo for 6 hours with a one bar drop.

11 Ah battery V3 pulls 1 A and has a linear regulator as it's first stage in the power circuit so it doesn't matter what voltage you run it at - better to run as close to 6v as possible

So V3 should run about 11 hours at full charge


--- Quote ---About this item
12 volt (voltage range is 12.6V~9.0V)/6A(Max.) 8300mAh size is DC5521, 9V 1A/11Ah size is DC5525, 5V USB 2A/20Ah. Three port DC output multi-function lithium ion battery pack.
--- End quote ---
My bold on the description of that TalentCell above.  The mAh rating indicated for each output would seem to indicate the battery will last longer if powering the V3 from the 9V port anyway.  The 9V port is rated at 1A, same as the rated draw of the V3 thus leaving no excess current capacity, but if its been working for others without a problem it should be okay.

Good to be aware that TalentCell offers a few different capacities in each "fame size" housing.  I almost posted the wrong info as my TalentCells look identical but have a different capacity rating, with an 11Ah capacity from the 12V port.  So somewhat easily confused.

--- Quote ---About this item
12 volt (12.6V~9.0V)/6A(Max.) 11000mAh, 9V/1A 14500mAh, 5V/2A 26400mAh DC output Lithium ion battery.
--- End quote ---

I run the recorder (F8, DR680, or R44) from the 12 port, and have figured I'd run the V3 from the 9V port of the same battery simultaneously.  I've tested that combination at home and it works, but have yet to run it at a show or determine how long it will actually run.


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