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How do you manage your audio files?

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I've been using Microsoft Expression Media Pro to manage, add keywords  and search through my audio files (soundscapes). It also has a built-in audio playback function. This software is ages old and only runs under Mac OS versions up to Mojave. Having had to update to Big Sur in order to use a few other things, I'm looking for a replacement and all I can find is either unsuitable or very expensive.

Recommendations anyone?

Please don't push! ;-)

I use Clementine for playback on Mac, which will show you your entire library and allows you to edit tags and such from within the app. But it's not really file manager, if that's what you're looking for.

I keep my own audio manually organized in annual folders, I have a spreadsheet for shows I've recorded myself so that covers my originals.
I used to use DiskTracker, but now use Neofinder in order to keep tabs on offline files stored on external drives. Neofinder is able to read old DiskTracker files which is great because DiskTracker has not been updated in many years and is not going to be. Neofinder is also compatible with their Windows version, CD Finder.

I have a separate directory for Torrents going back like 10 years.
I have a separate folder for DAT transfer which I did methodically over the course of a couple years.
I have a separate folder for items which I originally backed up to optical DVD media but brought over to hard drives once drive prices made it practical.
I have a separate folder for "taperssection" downloads which I will probably integrate into my "torrents" directory some day
I still keep an iTunes directory so I can sync music with my phone

I made a giant spreadsheet by scanning drives in the old Disktracker, and exporting from DiskTracker. Have not determined if NeoFinder can do quite what I wanted, with regards to keeping file and folder size intact on that export...
The spreadsheet is absolutely enormous, and has several tabs so there are a few different ways to look at the data.

Hope that helps! I know that manual mode is not for everyone.

oh yeah PS I use VLC for most playback unless I'm importing into Audacity

I just use folders.  My music is in three main folders:

"Music" - this is where I store rips of CDs and official downloads I've purchased.  Primarily studio recordings, official live releases get saved in here too.  I have subfolders for each artist, and the the individual albums/releases are subfolders within the artist's folder.

"Music-Live" - this is all the unofficial live recordings.  The only artists that have their own subfolders in this are the Dead and Phish.  Everything else is just saved in the main directory.

"Music-Live-Mine" - this is for live recordings I've made.  I just like to have them in a separate place.

For playback I use foobar2000 and have it set to show my library according to the folder structure. 


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