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PINECIL: Inexpensive and outstanding soldering iron with digital control


I bought one of these a couple weeks ago. It is a bit cheaper than the popular TS100, but comes with the IronOS open-source firmware popular in that community already installed. It also uses the same tips, and can accept a wider variety of power sources. - Store with lots of goodies. The sets of tips are cheaper here than most other places. - I bought mine on Amazon; currently unavailable, but might come back.

I absolutely LOVE this thing. So light and easy to handle, but heats up very quickly and has simple controls that tell you what they do when you stay on a setting for a while without pressing a button.

Note that it doesn't come with a power supply; you have to feed it something that puts out at least 30W - either a laptop power supply with a barrel connector or an appropriate USB-C PD source. I am using a little RavPower USB-C supply that meets the PD 3.0 spec, and it works great.

Here's a review. Ignore the part where he says the tip is a bit loose and wobbly. This guy clearly didn't tighten the obvious set screw. Once you do that, there is zero play.


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