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home server using a old PC, advice needed

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Justy Gyee:
ive got a old PC that id like to repurpose into a home server. (i7 - 950 , 40gb ram, 6 drive bays + some SSD via PCIE)
is there a OS thats ideal? its currently running win10 home.
currently im just sharing folders on my network.
im computer confident, but not highly skilled.

any advice would be appreciated.

Windows 10 and a Plex account.

I use an old Win 10 pro as a home server.  Works great!  I have 28tb (2x 10, 2x4) and a ssd for c drive.  I use the drivepool plugin so all drives appear as one giant drive so no need worry about what data lives where.  It also makes the windows shares even easier than it already is.  I do not raid but keep multiple backups.  I use Kodi on all my firetv's to stream tv/movies from the server.  Music is served either direct to desktop or via 3 squeezebox units.


--- Quote from: Justy Gyee on November 18, 2021, 11:51:36 AM ---ive got a old PC that id like to repurpose into a home server. (i7 - 950 , 40gb ram, 6 drive bays + some SSD via PCIE)

--- End quote ---
My golly that's huge!
As much fun as it would be, I'd see if a Raspberry Pi would do the same job for less watts of power.
Unless you're off-grid solar or something...
Maybe part this one out to fund the new project?
I have a great old Dell PC which should be used as a server, but it's 300 watts at idle!?


--- Quote from: morst on November 19, 2021, 03:20:39 PM --- it's 300 watts at idle!?

--- End quote ---

I seriously doubt that unless it has an updated GPU.  Even then it wouldn't use that much unless under load.  Most store bought desktops don't even have more than a 300 watt power supply.  If it has a 300 watt power supply it's idling bellow 100.

M home server is my old custom built 6th gen i7, 32gb ram, 1 ssd, 4 WD Red's.  Overkill on specs but I repurposed my old build when I built my current 11th gen i7 rig. It idles around 100 or below.


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