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The panning effect that happens when someone walks past your mics?


Here’s the scenario - you have your rig set up just behind an aisle that spans the width of a theater, parallel to the stage. For example in between the front and back balcony at some theaters there’s a walkway between them. Someone walks from one side to the other, coming between the sound source and your rig, and it creates a brief panning effect.

Is there any way to even this out?

I've had it happen more than once, especially when going low profile, but never attempted to fix it. I always chalked it up to getting the job done.

Do you have a short sample of such an impacted section? iZotope RX's Spectral Repair might work (or not).
I don't think that "panning" is the correct word here - but I think I understand what you mean (brief attenuation of the signal).


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