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Finished my taxes up last night and I am going to get a little more back than I thought.  I can't have that money burn a whole in my pocket so I'm gonna get a DAT and a mod UA-5.  Most of my taping is stand based but might do some stealth here and there.  What would you all suggest DAT wise?  M1?  


save your money for one of the HD recorders that are coming out this year.  get a lightly used D8 or a JB3 for the meantime.  personally, i'd get a JB3 and also save the money spent on DAT tapes.  

an older laptop dedicated to Taping is another option.  i just can't see spending the money on a new DAT when this medium is on it's very last legs and will be basically worthless resale wise in a year.  just my .02.  ;)



I agree with Scott on the new DAT.  If you check ebay or gear for sale on discussion boards or DAT-Heads forums, you can find  a reasonably priced D8.  Just try to find one with low hours on it.

I can't wait until some more HD recorder options come out.  


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