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Got word my DAT is being shipped today.  What brand do most people use and where is the best place to buy them?


Some people have problems with them but I use
Sony DG90P (90 meters-3 hours)
 or DG60P (60 meters-2 hours)
I've recorded over 100 tapes in the last year mostly 90 meter and have only had 1 bad tape,  I use a M-1
Note:  Your results may vary

I get my tapes from Terrapin Tapes $2.25/ tape

many people like the Maxell (made in Japan tapes)

Thanks Rob.  +T

What are the pros/cons of the different lengths?  I'm sure there are drawbacks to the 90s or everybody would be using them.


There's a post elsewhere in this forum (I think) where Scott M. does a good job of explaining it...but basically, the portables aren't designed for the different tension of 90-meter tapes, so your heads are worn out quicker because 90's aren't re-tensioned.

I've mastered on 90's quite a bit and have never had a problem in six years; never even had to service my deck once.

As for the Sonys, the best price I've seen is from American Digital ( The DGP60's go for $2.19 for a 10-pack, $2.16 for a 30-pack, and $2.09 for a 50-pack. The DGP90's go for $2.29/$2.26/$2.19 for the same packs. Decent prices on the Maxells, too, though I haven't shopped around too much for those.


busknuckle: has always treated me well. they have a lowest price guaruntee.

go where you like best though.


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