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Need help getting off the ground, reasonable SBD equipment?

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a couple of minor issues that were fixed... pfft family.  you and your precious "family"   :P :P :P :P :P :P

d swing:
I second the notion to get a p1.  Much more versitle and sturdier than a sony portable IMO.

i do sound for a local jamband here in illinois

just the basic setup i use to tape them is a Behringer Eurorack MX802A mixer

it is an 8 channel mixer, i mix guitar-bass-mics on drums-feed from keyboards- and a feed from the p.a. system

this works pretty good for the budget we had at the time

i am getting ready to upgrade the mixer to something with a digi-output for the laptop setup i am throwing together now

first make sure you're getting a reliable board feed. Ask if you can mix your own feed off of an extra AUX send or if the board has a matrix see if they can set you up with that.

You want kick-ass sound easily? Try this on

When I did sound I recommended this all the time. No tapes to organize, no transferring. Record to harddrive, edit and burn all in one nice machine. Cutting out the bullshit!

I called the Oade's regarding using this for a band's archive before and they highly recommded it and offered to give a price break because it was for a band. Good luck!

Tim I'm gonna have to go against you here.  Stay away from the Alesis stuff.  Another 3rd rate knockoff that doesnt sound worth its cost.


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