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A good friend of mine is going to alot of shows and he called me today to say that he wants to start taping. He wanted to know if it's a good idea to get a D7,8,M1. I didnt know what to say. I told him that I think that DAT may be phased out soon, but not for another year or so. I told hime to really consider the urgency and consider looking into those small HD recorders when they come out because this eliminates the added expence of getting DAT->CD. Any thoughts?


d swing:
Tell him to get a nomad 3 and a coax->optical converter.   It's cheaper than a new DAT deck and you don't need a "pro" soundcard to do transfers.

its all a matter of opinion.  tell him to get a minidisc!  hahaha

I would have a hard time telling anyone who doesn't use DAT already to buy a new deck. If the person really wants to tape *now* and doesn't want to wait a year for a HD recorder then maybe. You can find a good used D8 for pretty cheap, hell I don't think a new one would cost that much. I'm just waiting for a good HD recorder though... I'm not putting any more money into DAT decks.

Is the JB3 really bit-perfect now? I thought that there were still some issues with that. Oh and with one of those converter boxes can you give patches with a JB3? I really have no idea...


schoeps t00bes:
bri, it is definitely a matter of opinion but i still think for the beginner at this point that a used d7/d8 is the best way to go.  you can get a nice one for $300 and add an oade passive cable and you are in business.  i have been told by a few retailers that sony plans to make their portable dat decks for another 4 years.  i have been told tascam has enough transports to make the p1's for 7 more years.  it will eventually fade, but not that fast.  and if it is gone in 3 years i would think that $300 was well spent.  also, i don't think you will see any hd recorders that the average taper can afford....let alone a beginner....for the next 2-3 years.  they will come though!!  
all in good time,


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