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Author Topic: Cool modular mic bar system...  (Read 10652 times)

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Re: Cool modular mic bar system...
« Reply #45 on: October 30, 2021, 07:14:55 AM »
I think you should be good with the 5/8" rods because the difference isn't huge and there's a bit of slack with the camera rail clamps (unless you've fastened the thumb screws. I'd suspect 9.solution's 5.8" rods to be the same thing thing as regular 15mm rods anyway - because this is something like an industry standard.

Yeah that's a good point. Since they are a film / photo equipment company, it makes sense that they would use standard measurements.

Re. Dado or not as the centre-piece: This might depend on the number of mics you're going to run, their weight and the spacing between them.

I don't follow you here. You are relying on the integrity of the 3/8" double-ended adapter in both situations, be it connecting one rod to another or connecting each rod to the Dado.
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Re: Cool modular mic bar system...
« Reply #46 on: October 30, 2021, 07:30:13 AM »
I meant with a setup like audball's above...

I.e. only the rig rods with 3/8" connectors supported by a Rycote shock mount.

At some point, the weight of the mics (assuming a number of LDCs or heavier SDC mics like my Sojus 013s) and the rods will make this setup tip over (unless you've gaff-taped them into place or you're running some lightweight mics like actives or DPA 406x's).

This scenario is far less likely with the Dado as the center piece. (The downside is of course that you need more than just 1 shock mount).
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Re: Cool modular mic bar system...
« Reply #47 on: October 30, 2021, 04:09:34 PM »
^ All very true. This setup is fairly unique to my needs at the moment and that particular outing that day. Anything beyond what is shown in the field shot in my original post should be exercised with caution, tested repeatedly beforehand at home, and supported with the proper center attachment(s) for the weight distribution. It’s an evolving setup of sorts and was only posted as general guidance for others’ possibly DIY efforts, certainly not to copy outright. If I were running at greater heights, under windy conditions, or in a tightly packed FOB or other taping situation, I’d adjust this setup or use another mounting setup entirely, of which I have too many. :P

DO NOT RUN LDs WITH THIS SETUP!!!  This rig is more robust than what would be necessary for lavalier/tiny mics (it would definitely work!), but is perfectly adequate for SD/active situations as shown to a certain width / central support combination. I would not extend beyond ~50cm without additional or different central support for this setup. That dado-type ball is great and I may incorporate it in some way as well.

This thread is great and I’m really digging all the input and parts suggestions provided. Keep it up!
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