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Pc Speaker Recomendations?

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Looking for PC speakers.
I do most of my listening while working or playing on my pc.  (desktop)
I dont have a fancy soundcard  or any external DAC or similar devices. 
Looking maybe in $400 dollar range (at the top end)

any suggestions ?

These are super budget, I like them. Klipsch ProMedia 2.1.


A friend of mine has these hooked up directly to his PC and really likes them. I think they need a subwoofer but I like lots of bass. He lives in a kinda small apartment so if he wants to crank up low end he uses his headphones.

I recently got a small system for my GF's glass studio. I got her a used pair of these and one of these to drive them I bought the speakers on auction at and the amp new from Amazon. All in about $110. Sounds surprisingly good. I wouldn't use it for mastering a show but for casual listening it's great. The speakers are rear ported so you can tune how much bass they reproduce by how you have them oriented closest to the wall behind them.

If you want less wires and plugs and whatnot I'd look for a used pair of powered speakers. There's shitloads of choices - Rokit, Avantone, Yamaha, Presonus, M Audio - they all make desktop monitors with shielding that sound fine for casual listening. Need a sub if you want low frequencies. I use a Polk 10 inch powered sub and it's just fine. Too much for my apartment really.

Dayton Audio B652. Set up with stands or whatever you have available such that the tweeters are level with your ears and pointed inward such that the tweeters converge just behind your head in an equilateral triangle. Tweak from there to your tastes.
Dayton Audio SUB-1200
Craigslist or thrift store surround sound receiver (Denons have been reliable for me, but I've been told that Yamahas are also great). You can pick these up for peanuts and they can be set up as stereo only. They all have proper bass management & subwoofer DSP. Generally speaking, screw-type speaker terminals are a sign of better quality vs springs. If you can't test it before taking it home, pass on it and keep looking.

you could get a grace / drop usb dac > and go in to anything as an alt suggestion. 16$ tube amp just need an amp and some speakers

grace will run about $100 depending on which flavor you might prefer (balanced vs unbalanced)

edit to add: you could go dedicated with a raspberry pi > usb dac or add a dac to the raspberry pi. i currently run the pi as a media head controlled via web gui. it pumps my tunes in to a stereo receiver i had kicking around. just a thought if freeing your machine is of any value


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