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Smartphone ( or camera) overheating issue

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I'm about to buy a new phone as my old iPhone is almost gone, and I also would like tape some classical music concerts; mostly just set and forget so that I can record up to 90 minutes recital.  Both smartphones and some of the latest compact cameras ( Sony or Nikon) don't have the 30 minutes recording limit; the potential issue stands about heating while continuous recording, which could lead the device to shut down in order to protect the hardware.

Do you have any experience to share about a realistic and safe recording time on an iPhone? Given that I need to replace my phone, should I be safe for a full recital length I could go for a more expensive unit like 13pro or the like; if not I'd be perfecly fine with an SE or cheaper phone to use just as a phone (calls,internet stuff, mail etc.)

 I'm also interested in the same topic with regards to compact cameras, as they could be better than camcorders in concert light situations.

Thank you all for your answers

Check out this thread:

Panasonic Lumix DC-ZS200 (edit: mostly about ZS100 though)

The DC-ZS100 has a hack where it will record till your battery dies or fills your card. No heating issues though camera does get warm. Does low light extremely well. Battery lasts about 1 hour and 30-45 minutes fully charged. Have this camera and bought a second one it is that good. 

dont know if you have mics yet, but the dpa d:vice is hard to beat for phone recording. sounds great, clean gain, works flawlessly, and fits in a pocket. works with everything from relatively affordable 4060/4061s up to the full size 401x capsules

battery life is minimal, i jsut did a 3 hr show and was at 70% afterwards, recording and monitoring out of the headphone jack. no heating whatsoever despite being crammed in my pocket next to the d:vice

anything where you can leave the screen off is going to make it sip battery

running video with screen on eats battery and may cause it to get warm

As far as I know it is not possible to turn the screen off while shooting with iPhone…or do you have any good tip?

not sure, dedicated camera? ive shot a whole 80 minute set with an iphone without it getting hot, with battery to spare

the panasonic lumix ZS100 described above is a great option and goes into most venues as a non-pro camera


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