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Audio drift with OBS captures


Windows 10 Pro
EVGA 3080 ti Hybrid FTW
32 GB DDR4 b-die RAM
Intel I5 12600k

I have a pretty beefy new build so I seriously doubt any of this is hardware related but I have been getting a non-static delay audio drift on captures, and only sometimes!!

It is fine for the first 50% or so but by the end, you can tell the audio and video are out of sync and very noticeable.  Setting a sync offset in OBS probably will not help since the file maintains sync for most of the file but it could be worth a shot.

1) Does anyone has any ideas on how to fix this in OBS?
2) Does anyone have any idea how to fix files that are out of sync?

Video card sick, ill or weak  ???

Only thing that comes to mind, never saw that particular phenomenon with OBS


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