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Need to covert MTS video (Sony Camcorder) to formant that i can use to burn DVD

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I don't record video all that often, mostly record with audio recorders. I was asked to video a local blues concert which came out really nice. I have loaded to computer but due to being MTS I can't burn to disc. Is there a free program that will convert from MTS to formant that I can burn to disc? I really don't want to have to pay for a program that I may use once or twice a year.
I know that there are a few programs that you can load free demo that seems like they would work but not sure which to try?
I am hesitant to upload any of these due to several years ago uploading a free photo editing program that required you to cancel after trail period. This ended up almost impossible, Emails sent back undelivered, finally had to call number and after what seemed hours was able to talk to someone who canceled free demo.  Any help would be greatly Appreciated. Love to be able to get done before all my friend who played start calling asking for a copy ;) 

DVD Flick is a very simple to use, open source (free) program that will make a DVD out of almost any video file.

I would not want to have DVD's be the end product of digital video transfer, or if they are the intended end product, I think the original raw files should be archived off the camera.
Sorry I can't think of a signal chain to do that off the top of my head.
First question is: Do you prefer Mac or PC?

Handbrake is a great universal video conversion program. MTS is AVCD format.

DVD is still a good end product for people who might not be up on how to watch files on their TV via USB or some file sharing service, assuming they still have a DVD player.

Thanks for all replies. Have about 15 musicians / friends who want copies so just need to be able to make a bunch DVDs from MTS files.
Whenever I'm in need of help this site always seems to come up with answers, Thank you all


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