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Hi all - I’ve been reading a bit here trying to prepare for some live recording (mix of electric and acoustic/electric “rock”).  I’ve done some pretty humble stealth and open recording with a phone mounted external mic, but this is my first foray into a “semi-real” rig.

Here’s what I have:

Matched pair sE Electronics sE8 cardioid mics (includes stereo bar in kit)
Rycote INV-6 shock mounts
“Excellines” mic cable (nothing special)
Zoom F3 2 channel 32 bit FP recorder (with lithium batteries and external packs)
Manfrotto MA1052BAC stand
KINGJOY 76" Camera Tripod (plus an extension that gets me to about 8’; useful in seating areas where the Manfrotto’s base may not fit).
Gaffer’s tape, velcro wraps, weights, etc.

I have a first outing at a venue where a tapers’ section is set aside next to FOH, and another where I will be FOB about half way back on the floor in a seating area, more or less DFC.

So with all that, my questions.  I’ve not had a chance to record with this setup yet in a loud environment, but I do notice on dry runs in my living room that if I bump the stand, even fairly gently, I can hear it in the recording as a fairly prominent low end rumble.  I noticed that same thing about my phone-based low end setup too and in practice, it was not a problem once at the performance where things were much louder.  I imagine any rumble got lost in the noise floor.

I’d like to think that will be the case again, but I figured I would ask for any tips here.  I gather from reading that engaging a high pass filter on the mics is a bad idea for music where low end is important.  I feel pretty confident I can guard my rig at the events (dedicated section for one; I bought a seat for my rig at the other).  Any recommendations about reducing stand noise?  I included a pic of my stereo pair in case I am doing something silly.  Planning on trying the PAS approach, although depending on angles, I am not sure my bar will be wide enough.  We’ll see.

Thanks for any help.

I wonder if your cables are a bit too taut? That could create a path of vibration directly to your mics even if they are in shock mounts. Try creating a gentle curve/loop coming off the back of the mics and tie off to your stand a few inches below the stereo bar.

If that doesn't help the situation, then the stock 72-shore Lyres in the INV-6 might be too stiff to isolate the SE8, even if Rycote recommends it. (Their recommendations often seem to assume boompole use with a large windscreen.) You could try getting two pairs of the softest 62-shore Lyres, which I find are necessary for the lightweight Line Audio mics.

Yes, I too wonder if you have the cables in the recites looped and clipped at the base of the Rycotes.  Usually that covers it.  Also likely you're hearing noise out of context as you said, and it would be totally masked in practice.  High pass in post is definitely the way, almost none on mics are steep and low enough for this without affecting music, they're really for voice and proximity control, not your problem.  Then there are forensics type things RX10 that can always remove those things if needed later. 

I'll go for bigger loops and maybe remove the red heat shrink on the mic end, as I imagine that added stiffness is not helping.  I clipped the cables into the bottom of the shock mounts, but probably didn't leave enough slack above that.  I was afraid a literal loop would cause the mic cable to rub against itself and create more noise, but experimentation is my friend, I suppose.

In looking at the packaging for the shock mounts, I apparently already have the softer 62 lyres, so that's a happy accident! 

Good to know about the high pass and leaving it off.  I spend a lot of time in RX so I am confident I can fix things in post if need be, but I want to minimize how much fixing there is to do.  I suspect I am worrying about nothing, but luck favors the prepared. 

Thanks for your help!

Edit:  On a re-read, it sounds like maybe I should ignore the clips on the Rycotes and secure the stand end of the cable loop even lower (actually on the stand).  I will try that too.

Do not use the clips built into the Rycote mounts. Tie off lower on the stand itself. Also, leave the heat shrink; you want the strain relief on the cable.

You shouldn't need to high-pass. Solve the structural vibrations and that will take care of it.

See attached for a couple examples of proper strain relief.


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