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Y adapter ideas


I was curious if there would ever be a need to run a y adapter from the lead deck or other decks to cut down on messy chains.

an RCA Male > 2 RCA Females (to run out of a sony 7pin)


an RCA Female > 2 RCA Females (to split from a P1)

obviously there are many other options, just curious

Brian Skalinder:
Yup.  I always carry an RCA barrel splitter with me:  1 M end, 2 F ends.  I also carry a M/M and F/F barrel with me.  Allows me to have a variety of in/out ends:

1M, 2F
2M, 1F

I suppose if I carried another M/M barrel I could run 3M ends, taboot.  Haven't really needed to, though, so I don't.

if you use a M1 or D100 a splitter or y-cable should be a standard part of you gear bag!
being stuck at the end of a massive DA-P1 and D8 chain is almost a 100% gaurantee for high jitter and dropouts

what about running a y-cable splitter instead to cut down on the cable mess right near your bag?  Designed sort of like an Oade cable:
                                        long digital cable          
RCA connector-----------------------------------------< barrel splitter

is that just asking for extra jitter?


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