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Mytek 192 Lithium ion ideas....


Hey now,

Well, it's been increasingly harder to find a 5400 mAh portable dvd battery (suggestions welcome for purchase sites).  Any other remote power ideas for a mytek 192?


Tekkeon MP3450?

Powerstream also makes a Tekkeon clone.  I suggest scouring ebay for one.  I recently scored a MP3450 clone plus extended pack for only $20. 

whats the tolerance range on voltage? Something from might work if you get it re-terminated to whatever the mytek receives.

yug du nord:
Mytek is very flexible...............   find a 9v DVD or pick up a Tekkeon and set it to 9v.  Mytek recommends using the lowest voltage possible.

i know this thread is super old, so call me late to the party as a new mytek owner

im getting 12 hours out of this palm-sized battery:

thats running 8.4>6.9V. it hit 7V after 11 hrs. im not sure at what voltage the internal rail voltage dips and affects performance, but im guessing 6.9V is fine for the extremely rare case i would go that deep (it sounded fine at least)

id go for the 2.4 aH battery but this one is already tiny and its cool to have one battery for a whole day at a festy

by my calcs this unit uses about 400 mA (2.8W). pretty efficient compared to the AD2K's 9W but in terms of weight with Li-ions the mytek setup is still heavier as the unit weighs twice as much as the ad2k


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