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Looking for a battery to power my dr-100mkii with phantom power on. Saw this in another thread but started a new topic as the thread was old. Will be going to a small fest in Florida next month and won’t have access to power and would like to tape as many sets as possible. Can anyone confirm that this will power my dr-100 using the 5v output? Any suggestions of something that would last longer in the same price range?

thats a monster battery for a DR100

try this

should last all day


--- Quote from: jerryfreak on January 08, 2021, 06:55:01 PM ---thats a monster battery for a DR100

try this

should last all day

--- End quote ---

Thanks, will look at that. I was under the impression that I would need something bigger since I will be using phantom power

nah, while the voltage is relatively high, most mics use only 2-10mA so your net draw is only on the order of 100 mW for a pair of mics

Your choice of battery depends on a couple of factors.

Let's start with run-time.  Your DR100-MKII claims 4 watts maximum drain on the battery, but also says that phantom power will drain the batteries much more quickly.  None of the run-time examples in the manual include phantom power.  The manual for the MKIII says 7.5 watt maximum drain and shows that phantom cuts the run-time about in half.   Let's go with 7.5 watts - That gives the Anker 10,000 mAH x 3.7 volts = 37 watt hours about 5 hours of run time (37 Wh/7.5 W = 4.9 hours).  The Max Oak power pack, with 185 Wh of power will go for almost 25 hours (185/7.5).

Second consideration is whether you're driving or flying.  The Max Oak power pack can not go on a commercial passenger flight.
The FAA says 0-100 Wh is fine.  101-160 Wh requires pre-approval from the airline (some airline web sites state that they're OK with these and you don't need pre-approval)  You can take up to 2 units.  Above 160 Wh is No Fly.
Power packs must go in your carry-on luggage.  If it catches on fire, pour plain water on it.

Yes, the Max Oak 2.1A 5V USB outlets will power the DR-100MKII if you get the right USB-to-5V-plug cable.  There are a couple of 5V-plug sizes and I don't know which one off the top of my head.  Shout if you need help.



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