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DPA402X convert to new modular DPA mic series

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From another thread:


        Quote from: justink on July 06, 2021, 06:57:06 PM

            matter of fact, you can have your 4022/4023's converted for a small fee.


        What's this?
        You can what now?

        This new version for switchable caps is fantastic.


    From DPA:


        Your 4023’s can be updated to modular for a $185 fee per capsule.

        This service will need to be performed in Denmark. Turnaround is typically a week – two weeks depending on their service volume. Shipping is $25.

    If you do the conversion, they will also give you a discount on the new MMP-ER cable/preamp.  I can't remember the dollar amount off the top of my head, but it is like... $100 cheaper, iirc.


Has anyone sent in their DPA402X and have them Updated?
If yes, was there any difference in sound after the conversion?

Or any other pertinent info would be appreciated.

I recently sent in my old 4022 and 4027 pairs for modular conversion and can provide some more current information about the process.

To begin with the price of the conversion has increased from $185 to $250 per capsule - mainly due to some current difficulties they are experiencing sourcing parts from B & K.

For each microphone that is sent in for conversion you are able to select a new modular preamp from their existing lineup at a 30% discount from the retail price.

Before being shipped to the factory in Denmark each microphone is tested at the Longmont, CO office to ensure that they are still operating within specs. If they fail to meet specs then the modular conversion is not offered as it would be cheaper to simply buy a new modular capsule vs. paying for both a new replacement capsule and the conversion process.

Once tested it took a little over two weeks for the microphones to make the round trip to Denmark and back.

During the conversion process the microphones can also be matched at the factory for $287 per pair.

Once converted the capsules come back in a brand new housing with the original serial number a new serial number engraved on the bottom vs. their original position within the mounting ring on the side. The new housing is also labeled with the modern designation of “4011” or “4015” vs. the old “402x” series of nomenclatures.

Edit: Modified capsules are given a new serial number and do not retain the original serial number as I initially stated.

Thanks for the updated info on the conversion process!

I can't find any of this info on the actual DPA pages. I'm assuming we contact someone in Colorado?

Just use the Customer Care contact form on the DPA website and the “Service/Repair” option in the “What can we help you with?” pull down menu and someone from the service department in CO will get in touch with you and give you a link to generate a RA number to initiate the process.

I got some conflicting information about the discount on the new preamps via the initial email discussion but after stopping by their office in Longmont to drop off my mics and talking with them (I live close by and wanted to save money on shipping) the 30% discount was confirmed. They want you to be able to use the modified capsules.


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