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New IKEA LADDA 2450 AA rechargeables (green)

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Sorry if this has been mentioned in any of the other numerous threads that refer to these. I did a spot check, and couldn't find anything, nor do I shop that regularly at Ikea...

These appear to have popped up recently, after some concern that they were being phased out, altogether. That was premature, as all Ikea was announcing, was discontinuing the sale of all non-rechargeable batteries at their outlets. The "old" white AAs were also 2450 mAh and cost $6.99/4, retail. The new ones have a new color scheme, and the price has gone up a buck for that same 4 pack. All else, seems to have stayed the same (especially, being manufactured in Japan).

There is general consensus that these are the equivalent of much pricier Eneloop Pros. I've used them for some time, as many here have, and swear by their reliability/value. Quite simply, if you use hi capacity NiMH rechargeable AAs, these should be your go-to


Thanks for the heads up!


Thank you for the heads up.  I feel like I can never have enough of these things. I am still rocking original Sanyo Eneloops, newer Panasonic Eneloops, and white Ladda's all in AA and AAA.

I rarely have any of them die to the point where they won't take a charge and last longer than a normal AA/AAA.  My only device that does not like them is my PCM-M10 which prefers alkalines by a mile.

Just picked up 12 of them and they all tested the same as the white ones. Best AA Nimh batteries I've used. Now if only the were some good 9v options!

Thanks for posting this. I have 20 or so of the older white ones, and some will likely need replacement soon.

I feel like this has been an "open secret" for years now, and I can't understand why anyone would buy the expensive Panasonic-branded versions.


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