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Brian Skalinder:

Audio Technica (

8410a  |  Very popular shockmounts.  (16.8mm - 28.8mm diameter mics)
8415   |  Not as popular as the 8410a, but great shockmounts IMO.  (12.7mm - 54.1mm diameter mics)

Sabrasom (

SSM-1  |  Some folks like 'em, some say they stink.  Pack up very compact/flat if that's important to you.

Schoeps  (

A20   |  Pretty low profile.  (~20mm diameter mics)
A20S  |  The -S model just has stiffer elastic.

Tensimount  (

Tensimount | Inexpensive, flexible for a variety of mic sizes.

Shure  (

A53M  |  Nice shockmount.  (~18.75mm mics)

Superlux  (

HM-30 | elastic sleeve instead of bands
HM-32 | elastic bands instead of sleeve, offers greater isolation than above

Cheap...$6 per!

Universal Microphone Shock Mount  (

Shock Mount | uses 4 elastic bands to secure virtually any diameter microphone

the schoeps a20 will accept the neumann x-y/ortf bar just fine.

The Rycote InVision Broadcast a.k.a. INV Series shocks are awesome.  IMHO: These seem to be the best designed and most durable shocks per dollar.

edit to add:-->Rycote InVision Brochure and Sizing Guide PDF


--- Quote from: DigiGal on March 19, 2011, 07:08:43 PM ---and most durable shocks per dollar.

--- End quote ---

Are they durable? I have not had one in my hands.
To me, it looks like it would be easy to break the clips or the support structure under them easily.

It'd be interesting (and easy?) to do some shock mount testing....  Setup stand and mics at specific gain in a quiet room, drop object from known height next to stand, record thump, compare to other mounts, etc.

Though that wouldn't cover the case where the sound pressure vibrates the stand more directly.

A lot depends on whether you're recording loud material with 20dB of gain, or classical guitar at 55dB..

In photography, carbon fibre tripods are far more effective at dampening vibrations than aluminum.  Wood is also much better than aluminum.  Additionaly, each system has resonant frequencies that may make them better or worse than others.


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