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Brian Skalinder:
Feel free to add commonly used retailers in a reply and I'll add to the master list below.  Please note:  the intent here is not to list every retailer under the sun - because someone, somewhere bought something from them - but rather those used frequently by folks. 

Online Retailers

The question often arises:  Where do I go to buy all my gear?  There are loads of online retailers for most of the gear we use, but here are some of the more popular within TS.

Cables To Go
Cascade Media
Core Sound
Dale Pro Audio
Full Compass
Giant Squid Audio Lab
Mic Supply
Oade Brothers
Parts Express
Sonic Sense
Sound Professionals

Repair / Maintenance

ProDigital - Paul and crew at ProDigital have serviced plenty of DAT decks in their day.  Many of us still use DAT, and they may start servicing other devices we commonly use, so - if you have a problem with your gear, consider calling ProDigital.


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