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Brian Skalinder:


Thanks for this pdf.

I picked up a 3-pak with cp-1 & cp-2 caps in the box in mint condition.
Now, I'm looking for someone to do the Datsunzgarage mod.


Fried Chicken Boy:
Thanks for the link, Brian.

Hi Jerseyboy, don't know if you saw this short thread on the Datsunzgarage mod. >
Before doing any modifications, maybe record with your CM-300s out in the field a few times, see how they sound to you, and decide if they even need a mod.  You might be pleasantly surprised? 


--- Quote from: Jerseyboy on January 15, 2017, 06:50:53 PM ---
Now, I'm looking for someone to do the Datsunzgarage mod.


--- End quote ---

Not sure what that mod is about...but walstib62 has been the resident Nak Mod Man for a while...he did a chop and Phantom Mod that sounded real nice to my ears on a Teac Clone ME-80 set I had...

Fried Chicken Boy:
^  The Datsunzgarage mod [] is a circuit modification that changes out resistors and capacitors to, supposedly, improve the sound and reduce noise of the Nak CM-300.  I can't comment on that one way or another, and I have no skin in the game, but a few of our resident circuit builders/electronics guys (Jon @ Naiant, hi and lo) were a little dubious.  The mod doesn't change the mic's appearance or the need to use a battery. 


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