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Some freeware audio porduction tools that are written for Mac OSX.  I am definitely not the first guy to ask when it comes to Apples but I thought that it would be nice to have all these links in the archive...

--xACT - Decode/encode flacs, aiff, shn, wav, ape.  Also fix SBE, create flac tags, ffp's, md5s; all in one or two steps.

--xNJB - the osx driver for Creative Nomad Jukebox's of all models (including the ubiquitous JB3).  For now you are restricted to USB transfer.

--Audacity - a cross platform, very simple audio production software.  pretty simple interface, easy to use, but not as powerful as other programs.

And for remastering (add bass, treble and such) there's only Cubase?


spark, sound studio, amadeus, audacity, pro tools, digital performer, nuendo, cubase, peak, dsp-quattro, and many more

Anyone you can recommend regarding user friendliness, features etc?


Apologies if this is a dumb question....

Do any of the above mentions burn discs? I am looking for a good freeware for burning, and of course any other recommends.



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