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Sound Devices MixPre-3 and 6, Part 8

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--- Quote ---The only time you might benefit from the XLR outs is nature recording, spoken word or reeally quiet music.
--- End quote ---

...or when the other output is busy giving someone a feed

New firmware release with some good stuff for MP3 owners

New MixPre v9.00 Firmware Includes New Product Features and Plugins

MixPre v9.00 firmware is now available for download from the Sound Devices website. It includes an array of new features and capabilities, including:

Two-instance NoiseAssist plugin available for the MixPre II Series in the online store. 

New +2 Channel Plugin for the MixPre-3 I and II that expands them from a 3-channel/5-track recorder into a 5-channel/7-track recorder by adding mixable and recordable channels 4 and 5.  

The ability to have both timecode and audio output on the Stereo Out 3.5mm connector on MixPre-3 II and MixPre-6 II.

A full slate mic routing matrix added to the MixPre-10 II. 

And much more!

I saw this and am excited but unsure about jumping in right now with turning my MP-3 into a MP-5. It's only a $79 plug in, so the price seems well worth it, but I just want to see if someone else does it and how it works for them.

Yea that's crazy. I just sold my 3 ii.  :facepalm:


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