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Title: Mixpre for streaming on Android
Post by: taper420 on December 11, 2020, 05:41:23 PM
It works. I'm running a MP 10 II with a Moto Stylus on Android 10. It works as a stereo input for both Mixlr and Larix Broadcaster, which does rtmp along with optional video. It also works as a 2X2 interface with USB Audio Recorder Pro by eXtream, up to 24/96, but unfortunately 12 tracks are not available (the 2X2 limitation is possibly only on the MP 6 & 10 II). I'm sure it works with other software, too.

I'm happy. I'd be happier with 12 track recording, but stereo is better than nothing. I'm more excited about my ability to stream without a laptop, now.