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Author Topic: JVC's GZ-HD3???? Worth buying?  (Read 1355 times)

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JVC's GZ-HD3???? Worth buying?
« on: July 10, 2008, 11:35:03 PM »
Sorry if this was already posted, but ive been looking at this camera for a while, I can get it for 770$. The main reason for it is that, a few local bands are going on tour together and I get to go on tour with them next month and I need a good camera, good quality, easy to use and good sound quality, and BTW I dont have a super computer I have a Dell with XP, but I dont plan on editing it all on my PC anyways... so if someone has another good, camera that they like a lot, and is good sound and fairly good video quality tell me, I dont know if I should buy a HD camera. Im only 16 haha, I have the money and I do want to spend it on camera stuff because it really intrests me I had a Canon DC210 which is a pain in the ass to film with cause of the low quality video and the the hassle of ripping the DVDs... im looking for something with a Hard drive... Im new to this, so I dont know if itll alert me if someone replies to my post, but if you know it doesnt please Email me @

(something with a mic output would be nice)
  Thanks a lot
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