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Author Topic: CEntrance R4R Compact Recorder/Interface  (Read 5802 times)

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Re: CEntrance R4R Compact Recorder/Interface
« Reply #15 on: April 21, 2019, 11:03:44 PM »
Thanks for the reports on the R4R and the other suggestions.

Some follow-up thoughts...

The R4R is a bit smaller than the Tascam Dr-100 mkIII, but the latter has the standard handheld features (screen/file management, plug-in power on 1/8th in, built in mics). The dimensions are probably similar if you get the optional attachable mics on the R4R. 

R4R -                   4.76"     2.76"    1.42"     9.7oz
DR-100 mkIII -     6.02"     3.15"    1.37"     10.24 oz w/o AA batteries
MixPre 3 -             6.53"     4.65"    1.40"    19.84 oz

R4R internal Li battery - 8hrs no phantom, 7 with Phantom power on mics drawing 3 mA according to the CEO (yes - great corresponder!)
DR-100mkIII internal Li- 12 hrs no phantom power, 6 hrs phantom power, according to the manual.

Regarding the MixPre 3 USB C connections: thank you all for the suggestions. Apparently my problem WAS the included Y cable, which just wouldn't stay attached to the MixPre 3. I was finally able to test it out with a USB A to C direct from my laptop.

I'm still mulling things over. All good options. I'm tempted to return the MixPre 3 and go for the R4R or a handheld like the Tascam. After playing more with the MixPre 3 I think I'd like to go as small as possible (and, in particular, avoid external USB power) on the second XLR rig. I still have my Zoom F8.

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Re: CEntrance R4R Compact Recorder/Interface
« Reply #16 on: May 16, 2019, 12:04:33 PM »
I have been traveling a great deal but did get a chance to try out the deck before my travels started but did not have a chance to post a link. If you want, you can from this link check the other recordings I made. I really liked how the recording sounds, and I had no issues getting it up and running even without any chance to do anything more than turn it on and format a card.

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Re: CEntrance R4R Compact Recorder/Interface
« Reply #17 on: October 04, 2020, 09:16:43 PM »
it looks like its been superceded by the R4D -not sure if this is a rebrand or if its actually different - core functionality looks the same
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