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Author Topic: I have a quick question  (Read 1208 times)

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I have a quick question
« on: December 19, 2005, 02:52:10 PM »
Can anyone make a suggestion on where I can get a 12v battery pack to run with my FR2. Before you suggest online stores, please know I am looking to buy it at a store in person. I don't have the means or desire to use a card online. I figured RatShack would have something but all they seem to have is SLA's which I'm trying to get away from.

The SLA I have now seems dead & won't charge unless it is my battery charger on the go. Whatever the case, the thing is too damn heavy & I'm tired of it ripping holes in my bags. So I want a battery pack I can buy in person. I'm in NY in case you needed to know in order to make suggestions.


P.S. I could use this battery in the next day or two so get those suggestions in :)


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