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Author Topic: External Lithium battery stopped powering my Toshiba Protege M200  (Read 1238 times)

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I purchased a 14V-18V Lithium Ion (8000mAH) battery from BatteryGeek to power my laptop. It powers my older compaq M700 just fine.

I taped one night (3 bands about 5 hours continuous) with the Lithium Ion on my Toshiba Protege M200 (the internal batt only holds 2 hrs so I know the laptop was running off of the external Lithium Ion). The Toshiba Protege requires 15V & 4A.

Next night the Lithium Ion battery causes my laptop to lose power when it is plugged in and the only visible consequence is two flashing yellow/orange lights for the power and standby indicators. Connectors are set up properly (+/+) and battery is charged and powers up my other laptop.

Why would the battery stop powering the Toshiba Protege?

Is it a software driver issue perhaps? Is it the connector? My search via google on various topics has turned up nothing useful and inquiry to batterygeek was return it except we don't accept returns after 30 days....

Any advice appreciated.
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