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best built in mics on budget recorder? Tascam DR-40, DR-100, Zoom H2N

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I plan on only using the built in mics on whichever recorder I buy.  My choices seem to be any Tascam - the DR-100, DR-40, DR-2D , DR-07mkii, DR-08, etc. and below, or the Zoom H2N, maybe H4N and models below like H1, and possibly the Sony PCM-10 model.  In my situation I will be recording live blues music at smaller venues(be sure to see video links below for example) and random drum solos in a small spare bedroom at my house.  I am simple and will probably just lay the recorder on a table, or the floor at my house so directional placement in a variable in this equation.  My question is, which of the lower priced ($300 and under) have the best sounding internal mics for music recording?  I know everyone might have different opinions, but I have no experience whatsoever with these products and need some help...
the blues band I'm recording- samples from HD camcorder

Putting aside the advice everyone (literally, everyone) here will give you, which is to spend less on the recorder and use the saved money to buy inexpensive external mics like the Church Audio CA-14 and a battery box (less than $200 total), the recorder I see used the most with internal mics, and occasionally by folks who actually know what they're doing, is the Zoom H4N.  For example, Jerry Bruck of Posthorn told me he's used an H4N in a pinch and liked it; I've also seen touring FOH engineers run them for the band's mix. In fact, I never see anything but that unit being used that way.

The H4N also has the advantage of having 4-tracks, so you can get a 2-channel soundboard or external mic feed into it as well if at some point that's an option. 

But, for the $300 or so price of the H4n, you could get one of the very inexpensive Tascam machines, some CA-14s, and a CA battery box, and come out at the same price with better audio performance.

Looks like an H4N may be in my near future.  I also keep hearing good things about the DR-40 as well, which I can get for half the cost new.  Most of the recording will be me playing drums in the house, with an occasional visit to go see Alan maybe once every month or two.

I see you're in Austin...I am too. Perhaps you can hang out with the austin tapers one night and listen to some of our tapes. I see no reason why you would want a recorder if you're already filming the music. Truthfully, the audio from the video will be close to what the recorders are able to record without external mics.

If your lucky you may be able to pic up a Sony D50 for $300 on ebay - a number have sold in the $300 price range over the last few months.


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