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best built in mics on budget recorder? Tascam DR-40, DR-100, Zoom H2N

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I steered Yarn's mandolin player to the DR-08 ($74.99 at B&H)  because he wanted something really inexpensive with passable internals and they are cardioids.

Here's a few samples of what it can do: - in the studio so not really representative of a typical venue, but sounds mighty fine - gives a better idea of the quality you can get in a venue

ETA: These are not the best internals, but they would leave enough in the budget for Church-Audio mics and pre-amp.


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But, for the $300 or so price of the H4n, you could get one of the very inexpensive Tascam machines, some CA-14s, and a CA battery box, and come out at the same price with better audio performance.

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This is EXACTLY what I would do, and according to my sig, HAVE DONE ;D I LOVE my CA14 mics and IMO, they sound like mics 20x more expensive, at least IMO. YMMV

What do you all think about sound professional stuff?


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