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4 pin TAF male to 3.5mm issues


I bought an extension cable to run a 4 pin lav mic to a 3.5mm mic in on my A10.

Strangely (or not), it doesn't really work.

Am I missing something?  Shouldn't this work correctly?  Granted its a locking 3.5, but that should work fine on a regular 3.5 in.  They sell these cables to mate with Sennheiser transmitters and I guess I don't have enough knowledge to figure out where the problem lies.

3.5 mm are more standard than mini-xlrs which are often manufacturer specific

best way to troubleshoot:
pop the ta4m terminal out of the metal housing so you can get a meter on it.

run continuity test between the now easily-exposed pins and the 3.5mm

you can find pinouts diagrams for both ends online

Well, I guess I finally have to get a meter and figure out how they work.

I also tried the cables on a friend's 4 pin TAF Shure mic and received no signal.


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