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I never payed much attention to which way cables go, and I seem to be a bit brain dead when it comes to it. As far as XLRs go. just put a male connector on one end of the cable and female on the other, then match them up when plugging in. That changes when switching between XLR and TRS though. If I have an XLR from a SBD and need to plug into the input of a patch bay, I need XLR male to TRS like this, correct? And then a female XLR to male TRS to to use the 1/4" outputs?

To bypass an adapter, I would need a cable with female XRL and male TRS connectors, right?

I have a habit of doing things backwards the first time, so I figured it would be better ask a stupid question first this time. 

almost all TRS and XLR are standard

the consequence of switching pins 2 and 3  (or whatever the corresponding signals are on a balanced TRS) is simply inversion of the signal

AD2K is one example of an XLR input where pins 2 and 3 were reversed, correctable in cabling.

It's easy you just have to follow the pin assignments. See pic

Thanks guys, I did need to look that bit up. I also need to ask better questions. I guess I just need to look at one of my decks to see which end I need to replace for the TRS plug.  :banging head: I need more  :sleepy: and a couple  :cheers: would not hurt either.


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