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Cool USB C power cable for SD MP-3/6 owners


tim in jersey:

Neat cable if you power the deck in the field via an USB C battery. This particular cable sits snugly flush with the recorder and runs almost flush if you orient the cable south relative to the horizontal plane. Almost too close. One of the bulkier up/down angle cables might fit better.

Very little cantilever stress on the cable or PD input on the deck when. Sits great in my gear bag. It does block the 3.5mm

Tested at home (very non-scientifcally), and only twice in the real world, so grain of salt...

I also have a few other cheap Amazon and eBay cables to test. Will report back.

tim in jersey:
Only gripe is the up/down angle is only one one side. Gonna test a few angled adapters too.

Yeah, a slick custom cable would be best. But a cheap, off-the-shelf solution has merits.


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