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I'm about to start up recording again for a concert series that has been inactive since before covid, my cables and setup gear (not mics or recorders) have been in storage in a closet since 3/20.  Although the area has not been subject to any extreme elements or humidity, I worry about oxidation of the XLR contacts.  Is there any recommended cleaner I could quickly use once I get access to the equipment about an hour or two before showtime?


BlueSky71: or similar it's expensive, but safe for plastic.

Thanks.  Put it on order tonight.

tim in jersey:
I think the Hosa stuff is rebranded CAIG Deoxit. Seems expensive, but a small bottle lasts forever and is safe to squirt on gunky pots and attenuators. Check the formula first, though. There are several. Been a while since I read the material sheets...

I forgot, last time I needed some I found it locally at auto parts store for a reasonable price


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