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Sample Sonosax recordings of classical music?

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I have been recording myself (I'm an opera singer) for about 7 years, first with Zoom devices and now with MixPre-6 ii, which is a great upgrade. I'm curious what I would gain if I splurged and got a Sonosax setup (e.g. AD8+ and M2D2). Does anyone have sample Sonosax recordings they could share, ideally in comparison with MixPre?

Thank you for taking the time to help!

I think you are at the point of diminishing returns with the recorder you already have, unless there's some specific problem that you notice or suspect about it. Sonic differences among well-designed, properly operating preamps and recorders tend to be quite small, except for preamps that are designed to add a certain coloration to recordings--which none of the ones you mentioned are.

On the other hand your microphone(s), your way of using them and your acoustic surroundings--none of which you said anything about--are much larger variables--again assuming that the recorder is doing its job, which is to be a reliable, neutral scribe.

Here was an old comp of the Sonosax and Mixpre6!  Most people preferred the Mixpre6.

Thanks very much! I saw that old comparison and it was helpful, but I would love a comparison with acoustic music, since that's probably more applicable to my use case.

I've heard from a lot of people that going beyond MixPre is beyond the point of diminishing. But even Sound Devices makes things that cost 5x more (not to mention Sonosax, DAD AX32, etc). I figured there must be some reason people buy these (surely it's not just because of additional features?), and I don't think all these people are just wasting their money! So even if it's a small difference, I'm super curious to hear it.

I asked on Gearspace and got lots of extremely strong opinions about how Sonosax is the world's best - but no one had any comparison audio files with classical music.

snip " I asked on Gearspace and got lots of extremely strong opinions about how Sonosax is the world's best "

I'm not surprised that you felt opinions there were "extremely strong". But they aren't wrong.

There's some overlap between their user base and ours here - mostly in their location sound forum. Which brings me to my question - how are you recording yourself? Are you recording at live performances or rehearsals where a portable recorder is required? Needs to run on batteries? How many tracks at once?

I agree that there isn't much room to grow beyond the SD Mixpre series recorders without significant jump in cost but there are definitely options and Sonosax has a proven track record for excellence.

There's other options if you are looking for color in your signal chain like running a mic pre in front of the recorder or using different mics even. Depends on your use case.

EDIT _ I didn't catch at first that you are looking at the AD8 preamp not one of their all in one recorders like the SX-R4. My bad. Still interested to hear what you are doing with your gear especially if it's live on location.


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