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Help building stand for Schoeps MK4s w/ actives (Manfrotto 3333 + Shapeways)

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I would like to put together a stand for my Schoeps MK4s w/ active cables.  I bought a Manfrotto 3333 and a friend pointed me towards Shapeways for the actual mount (I havent picked one yet) for Schoeps.  My question is...there needs to be a part on top of the stand that can hold the mount, correct?  If so, what is that part?

Thank you for any help!

schoeps a20s shock mount

I build mine and are far superior to the a20s...

EDIT: you can buy one of these if you don't want to try building it...

and I have several of these for mounting on stands, studs, and poles...

Thank you both for your response!

I second Darby's rec. Rycote FTW! I dislike the Schoeps A20 mounts. The cradles are made out of very stiff plastic, and the elastics wear out and sag.


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