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Visualization of various stereo mic configurations


Here is a fun link demonstrating the various stereo mic configurations.  You can vary the mic patterns and angles in real time within any of the listed configurations and see how your coverage is affected. 

DINa is not included seems DINa is never mentioned but you can visualize it by selecting the DIN configuration and changing the microphone distance from 0.20 to 0.17 meters.

Very cool and thanks for posting link! :>)

Used this calculator for a tough room in Seattle, the area where they allow stands has only a +-20 degrees Orchestra angle, used Avantone CK-1 (busman) with the supercardioid caps. ~40cm spacing with 100 degrees gave me a nice separated soundstage.

Will post a sample when the Artist is activated on LMA.

Adding links for iOS Apps by Engineered Stuff...

Stereo Mic Tools

Mid-Side Mic Visualizer


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