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What about the chaper 300-400 dollar DLP projectors?

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I was looking at some models like these for example:

and this

What are the downsides to running these cheaper projectors?

I dont quite understand the specs - they are native 4:3, but will handle HD singals.

Im not expecting true HD resolution output - but how do these kind of projectors handle displaying 16:9/widescreen formats?

This will be for mostly TV use, perhaps some computer.

Just curious if the faked HD/resized widescreen looks decent?

Brian Skalinder:
When I last looked at low-end projectors a few years back, the cheaper options suffered when it came to brightness, contrast, native resolution, quality of scaling, and noise.

Despite having native resolutions of 800 x 600 and 1024 x 768, respectively, it looks like both projectors can handle scaling HD signals.  This may help explain and illustrate what your screen will look like as a result of scaling, though doesn't address the quality directly (only the # of pixels in play as an example):

FWIW, I've seen an old 640 x 480 projector displaying HD and I thought it looked terrible.  I imagine 800 x 600 also wouldn't look very good.  I've seen 720p scaled to 1024 x 768 and it was fine.  Not outstanding, but fine.

A friend did a "cheap" projector setup in his basement man cave back around 2008 or so...... I think the projector came from tigerdirect.  I think it's an awesome setup.  Prices have come down further since then.

Flat panels have also gotten larger and cheaper since then.  They really have spoiled us and redefined what we consider adequate. But you can't beat the massive size of the DLP.  Of course his basement allows complete control of lighting, which is important.

I'm sure there is a lot of detailed DIY info on projectors and the tradeoffs.

anyone know anything about wifi projectors? Curtis asked me for help choosing one and I don't really know anything about them.

I think he basically wants to be able to sit out on his deck and stream phish shows or other webcasted concerts via wifi

Updating: I ended up getting an EPSON EX7210...very pleased.

Picture is great...I think this is native 1200X800...HD scaling looks great to me...way better than my old Zenith tuner going RCA video in.

I had talked myself out of a projector - and into a 60inch TV....

But I went to BestBuy - and ended up getting an Open Box deal on this projector for 350.00...hard to rationalize spending over 2X more to get a big screen.

Glad I went this way...I really like NOT having a TV - makes my room feel bigger.

Running it on Win7 Laptop using Media Player to control my TV tuner...


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