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I'm looking for a powered subwoofer that will take LFE from my receiver (Yamaha 573) under $400 (ideally under $300). Not totally sure on room size, but say 20x20 with 8' ceilings, no treatments. Typical 5.1 setup with inwall speakers. This is for casual home theater use, not music. I'm not looking to knock pictures off the wall, wake the baby or piss off the wife - just complete the setup.

outlaw had a sub sale going but yhat might be over.  chech their b-stock out.  nonthibg they sell is bad.

Thanks for the suggestion. Looks like the sale is over and B-stock sold out. The M8 does fit the budget. Not sure if an 8" 125 watt sub would be enough for the room though. I've never owned a sub before, but seems like from what I've read, I need at least 10" 200watt.

wattage is not a black and white thing.  a old school 83db speaker needs a lot more juice than one of the same size with 96db efficiency. I would be careful in using that as a factor....but I like 10" cones too.  that's said I have a 8" 100watt sub in my theater and it does just fine bringing the bottom octave up in the mix.   

Good to know, thanks!


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