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Not to get into a huge debate over this as I too had a song from one of the better recorded shows, but because hours upon hours are spent in the studio to master these discs and I would buy based on some of these.  These discs were probably played back on systems magnitudes better than the average consumer.  Yes there is the compression issue, but I'd take that over the lack of acoustic stability.  By this I mean your lack to get a recording from an acoustcally treated environment and from the exactly the stereo center.  I have found that some lesser system have provided better playback of concerts in general than the HQ ones due to the detail you get from the $$$$

My $.02

Very true!  I agree with Scott 1000% on this.  When I auditioned speakers, I took some studio discs that I play the hell out of (my favorite being disc 4 of the "Tougher Than Tough" Jamacian reggae box set - the dancehall disc) and some major-label released live discs.  I used the Dick's Picks 9 set from MSG as my live reference because it sounds great, I had just been there for the Phish NYE shows, and because I could listen to see if the speakers could accurately capture the ambience of the room.  MSG has a unique sound as a concert arena, probably because of that wooden ceiling, and the B&Ws I chose did the best with jazz music (what I listen to a lot) and also "put me in the building" at MSG.


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