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Mic D:

--- Quote from: Bri on April 01, 2003, 09:36:05 AM --- I listen to alot of cheap trick, 2 live crew and air supply...

--- End quote ---

2 live crew! That is F'n hilarious, Bri.  ;D


Daryan....I would agree 100% with Bri. Find a store that carries what you may be considering and go listen. Then, listen to a pair that you were not considering. Just like with the mic issue, it's all your own preferences on what you like to hear. It took me a few months to figure out what I liked and what I could afford both on my mics and my speakers. Taking your own music is the best advice. You'll know what to listen for, etc. Most of all....HAVE FUN!! There is nothing like listening to a room full of different speakers ;) Good luck.....Jason


--- Quote from: Bri on April 01, 2003, 09:36:05 AM ---no just joking. D, what I tell my customers is that when it comes to speakers, you really have to pick the ones that sound the best to you. Don't be fooled by high prices and rare wood finishes, gimick tweaters etc, etc. You really need to get out there and do some listening.

When I bout my speakers, I had a limited budget to werk with, but enough to get something reasonably good. I listen to alot of cheap trick, 2 live crew and air supply so I brought in a great GD Schoeps FOB CD from Atlanta in 91 and GD:One from the Vault. It's really key to bring in your own stuff. There are alot of variables that can make comparisons difficult, but you can certainly narrow down your selection that way. I settled for a pair of Klipsch (although I loved the B&W's) because they matched the price/performace I could manage.

So two real words for you...

Go listen...


--- End quote ---

again, another post that belongs in the Hall of Fame!  nice job Bri!  this just tickles on so many levels!  ;)

(we really need that Forum!)


OK, well I am gonna go listen this afternoon and see what I like with some of my tapes.  I have never had anything high-end to listen on before, so this should be fun.  I will let you know what I find!


Ok, this is just my $.02, but don't take anything "live." Go through your CD collection and find some really great recorded discs. Search for ones that throw a wide soundstage, nice image, etc.  I foind it also key to bring in some female vocal tracks (Natalie Merchant, Diana Krall, etc..). Also, bring in a majority of what you will be listening to (again not live stuff) whether it be rap, funk, jazz, blues, rock etc.  Oh, and don't buy the day you think you have found something. Go back and listen a few times because your mood can change.  Have fun...


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